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Middle Gate O2O

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Middle Gate O2O

Public bonded Center Co., Ltd. Henan Province imported goods is Zhengzhou cross-border trade service pilot project construction unit, Henan Province's gate network technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 1 billion yuan, construction with Chinese characteristics Middle Gate O2O cross-border e-commerce platform and the line display exhibition E Museum.

Middle Gate O2O is national cross-border trade service pilot project the first cross border import o2o (online transactions, offline sales) model, has been initially built in the door o2o online mall and 3600 square meters line under showrooms, since the end of August 2014 since its trial operation, has received tens of thousands of customers, online traffic over a million times. The second phase of 27000 square meters below the line of exhibition hall will be completed by the end of February 2015 put into use, the purpose of which is to form of global commodity exhibition center, Zhengzhou New District formation, establish a new image of Zhengzhou "Visit Zhengzhou where, Middle Gate O2O"

中大门进口商品中心,Middle Gate shopping centre