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Xinbaihui Metal Products Co., Ltd. holds a BSCI certificate certified by TUV NORD Site Inspection. BSCI factory inspection refers to the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), which is the social responsibility audit conducted by the business community compliance organization on the global suppliers of BSCI members.

Our powder coating process uses natural gas to heat the oven with no sulfide emissions. The non-methane total hydrocarbon waste gas produced by plastic powder baking passes through our latest exhaust gas purifying system to achieve zero pollution emissions.

In order to save energy and achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, we have installed a solar power generation system with a 500kWh solar power generation on the rooftop of the factory, which can provide 80% of our daily production. While saving costs, we are also making our own contribution to saving fossil energy and stopping global climate warming.

Xinbaihui is a company with a long history of more than 30 years. While we have strong technology and capital strength, we are transforming into the automated logistics industry. Our products are now used in retail, industrial enterprises, logistics enterprises and military. Our production runs on clean energy and strictly complies with national environmental regulations. We believe that a good enterprise should achieve its economic goals with caring for its employees, protecting the environment, creating value for our customers.