2021, We're gon na make it

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2021, We're gon na make it

The viral epidemic that ravaged the world in the spring of 2020 left a deep memory for each of us.

In the past year, when our overseas customers of Xinbaihui Company were hit by the epidemic, they decided to buy $20,000 masks and other epidemic prevention materials for free express delivery to customers. Our customers also temporarily stopped working and business because of the impact of the epidemic. Our new Baihui has given huge discounts to old customers in the epidemic, encouraging our friends to expand their business. We believe that as long as everyone insists on doing it, there will always be a day of clouds and fog. In the fall of 2020, our business experienced an explosive recovery, but with sea freight and raw material prices soaring. Our friends have told us that the multiplication of procurement costs has led to business losses.

During the past year, we have experienced many difficulties, but even in such a difficult situation, we still insist on upgrading production technology, introducing high-power lasers, buying CNC turret punching machines, and developing automatic bending systems. We bought a new tegometall laminate rolling line to improve quality. We have paid 15000 yuan in on-the-job subsidies to every ordinary worker, so that the annual income of the staff and workers is still no less than the previous year under the great influence of the overseas epidemic situation in the company's business.

We have also made some progress in 2020. We have expanded many new customers in metal shelf business, thanks to our continuous equipment investment and talent training in the past few years. Xinbaihui in the field of customized products relative to the industry occupies a leading position. Therefore, we began to develop cabinets and custom hardware components business, and successfully entered the industry, began the actual cooperation with equipment enterprises.

I believe that the past year is the most difficult year for Xinbaihui enterprise, and it is also a year for us to cultivate ourselves and improve our level. In the new year, we will usher in high growth and rich market returns. On the basis of our existing business, we will gradually introduce the development of unmanned retail equipment. In the next few years, we will gradually become a new type of retail equipment enterprise with independent R & D and production team. For the next decade of enterprise development laid the foundation stone.