Display tower

Display tower is an island shelf with all angle of light box in all directions.Will attract more attention when customers walk through.Round tower shape can bring a different feeling.

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  • Brand: XINBAIHUI
  • Product Description

展示货架-英语_01 展示货架-英语_02 展示货架-英语_03 展示货架-英语_04 展示货架-英语_05 展示货架-英语_06 展示货架-英语_07 展示货架-英语_08 展示货架-英语_09 展示货架-英语_10 展示货架-英语_11 展示货架-英语_12 展示货架-英语_13 展示货架-英语_14 展示货架-英语_15