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    RETAILEX ASEAN 2016, 2nd Store Equipment & Solution Expo in Southeast Asia 2016 is starting on 25 August, 2016and ending on 27 August, 2016.The Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition is going to be located at the IMPACT Exhibition Center.RETAILEX ASEAN 2016 works as an interesting Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition which will cover the topics of Retail, Retail Industry and Store and a lot more.2nd Store Equipment & Solution Expo in Southeast Asia 2016 is organized annually.   Read More>

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    Rocasa Spain is a spain company with 36 stores and equipt with our shelves.   Read More>

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    Anhui Huai supermarket (formerly Huaiyuan Hualian Supermarket). Since 2001, 5 August 8 opening date, for six consecutive years by national Ministry of Commerce awarded the "national outstanding enterprise". Supermarkets now have a chain of supermarkets, comprehensive supermarkets, convenience stores 240 (of which 15 city, 5 in the construction, 220 township), logistics center 5 (including 1 city, 4 Township).   Read More>

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    Located in the loft of ADG import goods sales center in early this year opened, only the first phase of the area of more than 1000 square metres, after a round of expansion. At present, the area has reached 3500 square meters, spacious shopping channel enough three shopping car and travel, shopping environment is not wrong. An array of goods marked with the text around the world, the imported fruits, imported wine, imported food, household chemical is the main goods here. After the selection of businesses, here almost cover the world's best selling imported food, as well as a lot of things you do not know. Spanish olive oil, Korean seaweed and drinks, ice cream in Thailand, Taiwan's leisure snacks, Alaska crab, the deep sea cod, scallops, lobster, king crab, deep-sea cod, sea cucumbers and so on.   Read More>

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    October 2015, retail giants in Thailand Zhengda Group's CP fresh mart into Beijing, after 3 months, a second store Ciqikou shop opened. But it seems that the pace of development is not slowing and fresh. According to insiders, in 2016 the goal is to open 100 stores, 2017 will open 160 stores, far more than the level of the industry.   Read More>

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    Public bonded Center Co., Ltd. Henan Province imported goods is Zhengzhou cross-border trade service pilot project construction unit, Henan Province's gate network technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 1 billion yuan, construction with Chinese characteristics Middle Gate O2O cross-border e-commerce platform and the line display exhibition E Museum.   Read More>

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    Want to buy the international first line luxury brands, but also want to pick up cheap After a farewell to the sea Amoy and purchasing, and at home can be done. Today (18), and is located in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing Cuntan bonded port area of ChongQin international exhibition & trading centre officially opened. Including the Maserati, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, Prada, Gucci, Cartier, Bulgari and other big names, including imported cars, jewelry, watches, clothing bags, imported wine and international well-known light luxury goods, here can be to get more preferential price, price and overseas flat, and enjoy the global synchronization of shopping experience. Chongqing Municipal Committee, Two Rivers District Party Working Committee, the CMC director Ling Yueming, vice mayor Liu Qiang attended the opening ceremony.   Read More>

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    Gongmeixiang is with half a century of history of Taiwan on behalf of the brand and high quality bakery baking who, in addition to Taiwan, at present in the Suzhou area have nearly 20 chain stores and a large modern central factory, has more than 200 full-time employees; every day for tens of thousands of families to provide fresh, healthy, delicious food, we are trying to become the minds of consumers classic delicious and healthy quality of life symbol. In 1966, the first gongmeixiang established in Taiwan nantou. Over the years, for the United States to uphold the fresh, healthy, delicious business philosophy, strict selection of the world's top ingredients, the introduction of European advanced equipment, fresh production, carefully baked...   Read More>

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    XinBaiHui took a part in the Chinashop 2015 exhibition in Wuhan City. Our booth No.529 We prepared many new design sample for the show. Welcome your visiting.Let's meet you in Wuhan !   Read More>

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    XinBaiHui took a part in the Chinashop 2015 exhibition in Wuhan City. Our booth No.529 We prepared many new design sample for the show. Welcome your visiting.Let's meet you in Wuhan !   Read More>

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