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ADG international import trading centre

[ADG] ADG international import trading centre 2016-04-27

Located in the loft of ADG import goods sales center in early this year opened, only the first phase of the area of more than 1000 square metres, after a round of expansion. At present, the area has reached 3500 square meters, spacious shopping channel enough three shopping car and travel, shopping environment is not wrong. An array of goods marked with the text around the world, the imported fruits, imported wine, imported food, household chemical is the main goods here. After the selection of businesses, here almost cover the world's best selling imported food, as well as a lot of things you do not know. Spanish olive oil, Korean seaweed and drinks, ice cream in Thailand, Taiwan's leisure snacks, Alaska crab, the deep sea cod, scallops, lobster, king crab, deep-sea cod, sea cucumbers and so on.

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